I just got a new job

  •   You do not have to abort your baby to keep your job.
  • Employers have the duty to maintain pregnant employees, or they can be prosecuted for discrimination (PDA — the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.  See www.eeoc.gov ).
  • If your employer does NOT follow this guideline (In other words, if your position at work is not maintained or you are in any way being discriminated against because of your pregnancy), go to either the website of your state for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (www.eeoc.gov ), OR your phone book (Look in the “Government” section of your directory).
  • Right now you have two new important life events to process – a new baby and a new job.  That can be overwhelming, but remember:
  • Your baby will not be born tomorrow.  You have months ahead to learn your job and feel “at home” in your new workplace.
  • Welcome your baby into your home and support her with your not-so-new-anymore job.

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