I Am Already a Teen Mother

You must feel very overwhelmed to realize you’re having another child while you yourself are still a teenager.
But let’s think about it… having a second child is taking on a lot more responsibility for anyone — no matter how old they are. I know that sounds insensitive, but it’s the truth. It’s a big step to take — having two children — for anyone.

You are probably feeling pretty panicky since you found out you’re pregnant again. But slow down a little…..you’re not having this baby tomorrow. By the time this baby is born, your other child will be almost a year older. He or she will be more independent and will actually be a help to you. In some ways, having an older brother or sister makes it easier to raise a new baby.. The baby has someone else to watch and be fascinated with. They will have each other to play with, and will learn from each other.

Having an abortion may be tempting.. Other people wouldn’t blame you. They might even encourage you to have one. But ask yourself this: Why didn’t you have an abortion instead of letting your first baby live? It couldn’t have been easy to have THAT baby — you were even younger then and you were much less-experienced in caring for infants. Look at that little one who’s come to share your life. Do you wish you had paid someone to kill that child? No, raising children is never the easy answer. But it’s the answer we can all live with.

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