He said it’s not the right time

There are many things that come along in life that don’t seem to come at the right time.  Maybe it’s getting laid off just after you moved to a nicer apartment, for example.   If we look at those “untimely” events squarely in the face, we build our character by walking through the problems instead of running away from them.  Getting laid off could give you the opportunity to find a job that’s better than the one you had before.  Or perhaps you’ll find a roommate to share the expenses, and have a better apartment for less money. When we work through problems, it makes us more compassionate when we hear about someone else who had a bad break or illness.

Being pregnant now instead of sometime later in your life may seem unfair or unlucky at first.  But there are very few moms and dads who felt that the timing of their pregnancies was exactly right, yet this majority of people managed to raise their children and experienced many rewards along the way.

Right now, as the reality of being pregnant is beginning to sink in, people tend to look at their lives as a snapshot.  Right now you may not  have enough money, your living space may be too small, you may not be settled into your job, or your car may be on its last legs.     The baby won’t be here tomorrow.    Meanwhile, life changes.  Life is not like a snapshot, it keeps moving!  Much can be accomplished  in 7 or 8 months.  Everything in your life doesn’t need to be perfect in order for your baby to feel she is part of a loving home.  Take your baby with you as you face life’s challenges and changes.  She will be one of your best motivators! She will keep you focused on your goals!

Babies bring changes in the lives of everyone who has them.  Can they make your life harder?  Yes, in some ways.  But in other ways they make life so much more meaningful and exciting.  Your baby is living inside you already.  It’s too late to make a better schedule for this little one.  But it’s not too late to start planning to welcome her into your home.  It’s not too late to start being a good mom and making wise decisions for her health and safety.  And one day, looking back at the chapters of your life, you will be able to think of more than one reason why it was a good thing you had this sweet child exactly when you did.