He said he’ll support me either way

That sounds as though he’s a really good guy, doesn’t it?

Until you think about it.

How could he be willing to support you either way?  How could he be willing to….

  • take you to doctor appointments?
  • listen to his baby’s beating heart?
  • pick up the big vitamins from the drugstore you have to take?
  • rub your aching feet?
  • help you get up from the couch?
  • go to birthing classes?

How could he willingly do all of that when he’s also saying that he’s just as willing to….

  • drive you to the abortion clinic?
  • pay for half or even the whole cost of the abortion?
  • hold your shaking hand?
  • watch you clench your teeth in pain?

How can he support your decision to let his child live or die?  If the life of his own child doesn’t matter to him and he can “go either way,” what do you think will ever be important enough to him to make him take a stand?

Whether your baby’s father will be in your life or not in the future is unknown at this point.  But there is one thing that we do know:  You are a mother, and your child is living right now as you’re reading this.  This very first parenting decision is yours:   You have to decide whether you want to be the parent of a live baby or a dead one.