About Us

AbortionTheFacts.com is a free abortion information service.

We are committed to answering women’s most pressing questions and sharing the facts with women who are contemplating an abortion decision.  Making an abortion decision today affects a woman’s total health for life.  We believe women are strong and deserve to know the truth.

We do not decide what women need to know.  We share all the facts and encourage women to do the research.  This is a decision that lasts a lifetime.  We offer support without judgment.

We have a variety of referrals and supportive services.

Trained volunteers are on the phones most days, evenings and weekends.  We do not, however, have 24/7 coverage. We therefore welcome you to send an e-mail OR leave a voice-mail message with your name (first name is enough, if you wish), your own phone number, and the BEST TIME for us to return your call.  Please speak slowly and clearly so we can hear your information correctly and get back to you.

All voice-mail information will be treated with complete confidentiality.

To reach us by phone, call toll free 855-352-0819.

To reach us by email, use the form below. To protect your privacy, we use a “cloaked” email address for your use in communicating with us.  Therefore, mail you receive from us in reply to your inquiries will not appear to originate with AbortionTheFacts.com, instead it will appear in your inbox as coming from .


Please give us 24 to 48 hours to return your call or e-mail.