Will people judge me?

You’re pregnant.  You know it.  The father of your child knows it.  Maybe your parents and his parents know it.  Now, what about all those people you go to school with, or work with, or teach, or whatever?

Sometimes we put high expectations on ourselves.  It can be hard to accept that others may not hold us on high pedestals all the time. Perhaps you are the oldest child, and you feel you are a role model for your siblings. (You are!)   Perhaps at school, you have known star-status as a student or as an athlete.  Perhaps you’ve earned the respect of teachers and peers. Or, perhaps in the workplace you’ve worked hard to earn respect and advanced your career.

Now, a pregnancy challenges your sense of self.  How will people react to hearing that you are pregnant? Most importantly, how will you react in the face of this challenge?  Some people will judge you.  Some people won’t.  Most importantly, you can show them who you truly ARE by how you deal with this challenge in your life.  You’ve been strong other times of your life. Now’s your chance to demonstrate your strength and your character.  All  will respect your determination, whether they tell you directly or not.

This challenging pregnancy gives you a chance to model what a role model is.  A role model shows how to deal with challenges and walk through a crisis… not run away from it.  A compassionate, loving person shows how to say they’re sorry, forgive themselves, and move forward.

You may have the thought that making the abortion choice is a simple, safe way to”make the problem go away” before being judged by anyone.This is understandable, since the abortion industry promotes abortion as a simple procedure which most often is performed as a minor surgery.   Sadly, this seemingly “easy solution” is not “easy” at all. Post abortive women have shared stories of regretting making the choice of abortion to avoid judgment from parents, friends, boyfriends, etc.   If you’d like, you can hear their stories on http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/

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