What will people think of me?

The bigger question may be “How Do You Make Decisions in Your Life?”  Do you take into account other people’s opinions and reactions before you make a decision?  Can you move forward and choose a direction without the approval of others?

Perhaps you have taken into account the opinions of others in the past.  How has that worked out for you?  Do you feel like you are always compromising and trying to please others instead of following your instincts?  You are your own person. Now is the time to think about what is in your best interest. Only you can make this important decision.  How will you handle the challenges before you?  Is it appropriate to consider the opinions of others before what is healthy and positive for your future?

There will always be people who will judge others.  Will they be your moral compass or can you be your own person?  People do respect determination, integrity, honor, self-respect, honesty, decency and other virtues of your character.  Live your life in an honest, sincere manner, doing what is right and honorable, and you will earn the respect of others without even trying – not because you need their approval, but because that is who you are.

Sometimes we have very specific goals and dreams that are challenged by pregnancy and the prospect of being a parent. You need time to think through how to handle this news and develop a plan for your life.  People in your life will need time to adjust to these changes in your life as well. The people who may express criticism initially when learning of your pregnancy may surprise you, and instead, be a support for you and your baby!

  • At school, star students may feel they have earned the respect of teachers and peers.  They have earned admiration for hard work and their many accomplishments.
  • In the workplace, women work hard to earn respect and advance their careers.
  • Now, a pregnancy challenges your sense of self.

Can you give these professionals the latitude to show they do not expect perfection, but rather, they respect the ability to learn from mistakes and continually grow? How will you react in the face of life’s challenges?

Sometimes it is hard to accept that others may disagree with choices we make.  When you show others that you are a person of high character by walking through a crisis instead of running away from it, they will respect your determination.  That is what being a role model is. Are you a role model to siblings?  Are they watching how you handle the prospect of being a parent?

You have shown your ability to be strong in other decisions you have made.  Demonstrate your character.  You will not only earn the respect of others, you will earn self-respect.  Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves when we feel we have fallen short of expectations.  A compassionate, loving person shows how to say they’re sorry, forgive themselves, and move forward.

We are all a work in progress, and we continually try to grow and learn from our successes and from our mistakes.  We are all human and we all make mistakes – including the people who sit in judgment on the mistakes of others.  You are in control of your life.  Do what’s right, stand firm, respect yourself and others will too. Perhaps they will learn from you how to respond to a crisis with character and grace!  You can do it! Take charge and don’t look back!