I don’t want an abortion but I’m forced to. Do I have rights?

At the abortion facility, you will

  • confirm that you are pregnant.
  • Questions will be asked of you to determine if you are freely choosing to have an abortion.
  • A staff person will determine if you are fully informed of the medical risks involved in having an abortion.(Process is called “informed consent”)
  • If a you are being coerced into having an abortion by anyone, including: the baby’s father, or a parent, or the father of the fetus, ask to be asked privately, without anyone else with you during this screening process.  You can answer questions  freely and honestly without anyone pressuring you or reacting to your answers.
  • Abortion facilities can, and must, refuse to perform abortion procedures on women who have not chosen to terminate their pregnancy of their own free will.
  • Women who make an abortion decision while ignoring their inner voice and personal conscience, are vulnerable to guilt and emotional pain following the abortion procedure.
  • These unresolved emotions can have a negative effect on developing and sustaining personal relationships, as well as negatively effecting the ability to make strong, positive life decisions….including decisions concerning future pregnancies.
  • We encourage you to get as much objective, factual information as possible before you make this decision that lasts your lifetime.
  • Many facilities do not practice full disclosure of all the medical and psychological risks of an abortion procedure.  It is your right to ask questions to be fully informed.  For example, many facilities do not disclose that having an abortion procedure significantly increases your risk for breast cancer.  To explore more information on that subject, check out www.abortionbreastcancer.com.

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