He said the baby isn’t his

If you’ve been faithful to him, that had to feel like a hard slap in the face.

After that accusation, you’re suddenly  realizing that you have come to a new place in your relationship — a place of distrust. What is a relationship without trust?  Perhaps it’s time to consider moving on….

What will you do now?  The best answer is to start working your way uphill. It may be a harder walk for a while, but once you reach the top you’ll have a clear view and a lot of fresh air.  You’re pregnant, and this baby will bring changes and challenges to your life.  Don’t turn around and go back downhill.  Don’t bring tragedy into your life by doing something you’ll regret.

Meanwhile, you’re not alone.  You have your baby.  No matter what he says, we know one thing for sure:  We know this is YOUR baby.  It’s easy enough to prove paternity after the baby is born.  But for now, the health and safety of your baby is up to you.  You can begin to create a safe and peaceful environment for you and your baby right now.  You both have a lot to live for.